Monday, September 18, 2006


Art had a bad day today. He got a PET Scan. Anyone who has had one knows what that means. 6 hours of no food, then having yet another IV inserted (apparently the tech wasn't very good so she stuck Art twice before she got in reinforcements). Then he was made to drink two "hard to keep down" concoctions. Concoctions that make visiable the big and little tumors infesting his body. The techs, of course, have to wait till the puckink is absorbed, about another hour. My dear husband then spent 45 minutes in a tube with his arms over his head. His arms fell asleep. He appeared again at the front door at 6:30 pm looking almost post chemo dark circles beginning to form, movements slow and purposeful.

After dinner, we talked, for a few mintues about the future, the "after cancer" life he will have. For the first time, I am excited. I am excited for how this experience will change him. I am excited to see what it is that he does not put up with anymore and what it is he decides to go after with gusto. We laughed and smiled at each other, guessing at what he would accomplish with his new thirst for truly living. For the first time in almost four weeks, I feel hope and it feels so very, very wonderful.

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