Sunday, September 17, 2006

Help Wanted

The hardest part of this process is 1. figuring out what help we need, and 2. finding somone to ask for help. So many people have said we could call for anything, and I believe them. But I also what one person will not like to do, another will do it happily.

Art and I are fortunate to have sooooooo many people to support us on this journey. I honestly don't think we have enough things to do for all the people. However here is a list of things that will help us in the next 4 - 5 months.

1. paint our bedroom so it is healing place for Art. (We are doing it on Tuesday, Sept. 19th)
2. fix and re-upholster a chair so Art can move from bed to chair on his bad chemo days
3. have our house keeper come every week instead of every other week.
4. help me buy and sew curtains for our livingroom whose windows and none-insulated roof make it only just bearable when we are all healthy.
5. A space heater for Art. He has lost 16 lbs. It will be a cold winter for him.
6. a weekly grocery shopper. Whole Foods, Costco, Santa Monica Co-op. A friend of mine will be organizing this, so I will pass names onto her.
7. An extra freezer for meal storage, preferrably borrowed.
8. Here's the biggy. On Art's really bad chemo days I think I will need someone to just be here -- help me with the kids, with Art, and helping me to manage my stress level. The last chemo event was frightening but I suspect much of it was due to inexperience. Cancer free friends have said yes, and no to that comment. Honestly I don't know what to expect. We will have family in town for the first two treatments so I will more of an idea after that.

That is all. I go to bed tonight, next to the man I married. I am so happy to have him back, no matter how short a time it will be for.


  1. Kim: I am researching #2, #5 for sure, and I can be there for #8. When I locate my sewing machine, I can help with #4 (the sewing part). I wish there was more that I can do. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Kim,
    I can definately take on #6!! I go to all of those places anyways so it wouldn't even be a change in my routine! And of course you can count on me for #8....I am only down the street and it is simiple for me to help when you need it.