Sunday, October 15, 2006

Art Upate

It is Sunday night and just the fact that we are still up, watching a Tour de France DVD is an indictaion of how well Art has weathered his second week of chemo. Yesterday and today were by far his hardest days, but nowhere nearas gnarly as the last around.

We are not sure why he's doing well. Is the extra fluids I asked the nurses to give him this round or is it the superfood shake we are drink daily? Is it that he spiritually better connected and mentally "knows" what to expect? Or is it just experience getting us through this? We find ourselves becoming as superstitious as baseball players. We will repeat what we have done this week in the weeks to follow, putting our hopes in avoiding anymore nastiness of this disease's cure.

As I was writing this, I asked him how to spell superstitious. Mr. "hard English teacher" couldn't tell me. I watched his face as he tried to remember. He looked at me, and smiled broadly which then turned into a laugh. As he left the room shaking his head, he was laughing. Maybe that's why it wasn't so bad. He's letting go, holding tight to the things that matter.

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  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Hi Guys- Good to hear this round is more manageable. I can hear Art laugh, but don't let him blame the treatment for not knowing how to spell superstitious...he just didn't have a spell-checker at his fingertips. I'll call Thurs., really looking forward to it. Love, Chuck.