Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Beautiful Head

Present day Art. Taken today, earlier this evening.

The chemo treatment is rougher on him this time. Somewhere in between the first treatment and the second one, lies this experience.

We have stopped setting ourselves up by guessing how each treatment will be. Nothing is permenant but impermance.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I hate to admit it, but it is beautiful. Sorry to hear this round is rough. So great to see you all. Thinking of you, as always. Love, Chuck

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I agree with Chuck, it is beautiful. The smile says the soul is healthy. Now we just need to get the body on the same wave length. love,

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Art: It was great to turn on my computer this morning, check your wife's blog (as I do daily) and see your beautiful bald head and smiling face! Thinking of you Artie-take care. Scott H. (Caribou).

  4. Jose and I loved to see Art smiling at us last night. Sue