Thursday, October 26, 2006

A New Way to Help...

Donate to the Kick Art's Cancer in the Butt Fund! Here we go...because the past 8 weeks haven't been interesting enough! At this point, it's unclear whether or not Art's stem cell transplant will be covered by our insurance. The stem cell transplant is a procedure where they harvest his own stem cells then after a large dose of chemo, they transplant them back into him, giving his body the chance to regenerate the white and red blood cells he needs. This procedure offers the best opportunity for total cure.

Thanks to the generosity of the Talbert Family Foundation, we have been able to set up a fund. 100% of tax-deductible donation will go to us.

This has been an agonizing decision. The mean, shaming voices in our heads have said "Shame on you for not saving thousands and thousands of dollars for this "rainy" day." We do not make the request for funds lightly. Thankfully, we also have courageous and optimistic voices that are louder. They say, "You are not alone. If you ask, it will come." We are listening to these nicer voices and trusting it will work the way it needs to.

To say this experience has been humbling is like saying it’s cold in Alaska. “Thank you” does not cover the breadth of our appreciation for the words of strength, the prayers, the notes, the emails, and the gifts that give us courage every day to put one foot in front of the other. If you do nothing else, please keep them coming.

Click here to donate.

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