Thursday, October 12, 2006

Side Effects

Art's having another physically good day. He is presently sticking pizza in the oven. Something I probably should stop him from doing since one of the drugs knocks his balance off a bit.

The side effects of the drugs are many, irritability and loss of balance being only two of them. From nasea, which they give him more drugs from, to fatigue, it's pretty wild to read the side effects card that Cedars gave us, and check of those present in my husband.

Hiccuping is by far the most entertaining. I'm talking about bed vibrating, body rattling hiccups. When he has them he tries to get rid of them without the help of yet another drug. He puffs out his chest like a proud bird while he is simultaneously holding his breath. I am usually talking about something and not looking at him. I get annoyed when he won't respond, turn to him and there he is. Chin back to his neck trying to look "big." Our laughter foils at least one attempt. The next logical step would be for him to move his chin and neck forward, place his fist, elbows bent, on his hips and do the bird walk.

It's good to laugh together.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Hi Guys, so very glad to picture Art doing the funky chicken, and you guys laughing together. At last, some medical advice I can share! My cure for hiccups is very simple: just stop the next one, and none will follow. It really works. See you soon. Lots of love, Chuck.