Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Friday, Decebmer 15th --- Results from Art’s test show the cancer is almost gone!

Monday, December 18th --- Art started the last of three rounds of chemo. They involve two of the same drugs he was taking before, in much higher doses. I saw the effects on the first day.

Friday, December 22nd --- This round is starting to look like the second worst round ever.

Monday, December 25th ---This round is the worst round ever.

Tuesday, December 26th --- Art goes to a chemo place that leaves me shrieking. Something is wrong. I get him to the treatment center as he begins to run the first of many fevers. Even Dr. Wolin is worried. After anitibiotics, blood draws, and 8 hours of bustling nurses, they send us home.

December 27th --- We return to the cancer center. Spent last night at home, awake. Having made one panicked call to the treatment center after he began to run another fever, fetching him water, and a urninal. I brought to him two sets of dry clothes after the fever trenched him, and comforted him while he cried, both of us confused, scared and angry at these drugs. On tope off all this, I attempted to ignore the nasty little voices of dome. I was only partly successful.

Wednesday, December 27th, 6:15 PM --- Art sleeps as he receives his first blood transfusion. I am relieved and deflated. Instead of spending the next few days periodically coming to the treatment center, we will spend every day here for about 6 hours. We will be here for the next 6 days. He is now on four different antibiotics, pain medication and something to make him pee so that he won't take on too much "volume" with the blood transfusion. I am too tired to care. I want this fight over.

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