Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Helping Hands

The drugs Art has to take during this round of chemo.
1. anti fungal
2. sulfa drug
3. a drug that eats up the remaining chemo in his sytem because if the chemo remains in his system for more than 24 hours it does bad things.
4. pain free pee drug (urinary tract infection sufferers no what I'm talking about!)
5. anti something. I can't even remember now. All I know is he needs to take it daily.
6. drops because one of the drugs makes his eye lids irratable and if he doesn't do it every six hours, his eyes will puff up shut.
7. Art suffers from numbness in his fingers and toes, a side effect of one of the chemo drugs. It's been a problem since November but hit all new highs the last round in December. He has trouble tying shoes, undoing knots and in general can't tell if things are cold or hot. This drug counter acts that.
8. heck if I know. There is no need for me to know today, so I have put it out of my mind. Ask me on Friday and I will be able to name every drug, the dosage amount AND what it's for. My brain currently operates on a "need to know" basis.
Two weeks ago, I purchased one of those pill boxes to keep it all straight. (When I would ask him if he took such-and-such for the second time today, neither of us could remember.) Not the one with one daily compartment, oh no. We have the one with every day of the week AND Morning, Lunch, Dinner and Before Bed slots. Every one of those damn slots is full!

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