Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The fucking, stupid ass, fucking, fucker cancer is BACK. BACK! Growing in MY husband! Fuck you, cancer! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!

When the word's fell out of Dr. Wolin's mouth, Art's anger made the room hot. I wanted to vomit. For the first time since the diagnosis, back in August, I feel like....this just isn't fair.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Though we've never met, I have been an admirer of yours through Peachhead, your blog, etc...and have held you and your family high in my heart since I heard of Art's illness. Your screams are being heard, and echoed, and I continue to pray and send support and promise to keep up that fight with you in spirit as long as it takes to see Art safely through this.
    With love, a Peachhead Friend.

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Medical family therapists, there must be one at the hospital, what is up with the children, please update us on them. The sickness isn't the cancer but what it does to the family.

  3. Peachheaders (anonomyous and others)

    I cannot thank you enough for all your support. It makes me smile every time I think of you. You are truly an amazing group of woman. I am thankful to be in your company.