Monday, February 26, 2007

Amen to That

In the world of medicine (a.k.a. life) nothing is definitive.

Spoke with Dr. Wolin just minutes ago, after I spoke with Art who sounded unsteady and scared. We cannot tell if the cancer is completely gone. BUT (and this is as big as mine is right now) we do know that his PET/CATScan looks much better (clearer) than it did on December 15th when the doctor declared there is little or no cancer activity. The scans taken today are hard to read because of the stupid pneumonia, can’t see under or through that stuff, ya know. Last months set back has left Art feeling unsure. (Me too, but I'm not talking about it.)

He’s nervous. He wanted to see Dr. Wolin walk in with a party hat on his head and confetti sprouting from his fingers. Instead he got a guy who wasn’t quite sure if he should kiss her on the first date.

There comes a time when you have to just say “Fuck it!” Dr. Wolin is cautiously optimistic. That works for me! Ahem….let me clear my throat. So, fuck it! I, Kim Hamer, am declaring Art Nagle cancer free. From this day forth, my charmed, beloved, gifted, talented and inspiring husband is now cancer free….and will continue to be for the rest of his life. This beast no longer has a hold on him.

FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Cuase if this cancer ain't gone, it's gonna get hurt. I'm gonna will it out of his body. I'll take my ancestors strength, the ones that came over on a boat, ripped from their land, chained down below deck, isolated, and terrified, ya know, those people? I will take their courage, their will and use all of it to force this motherfucker out of his body. I am done, finished, tired, fed up, and pissed off. PISSED OFF!! I want Art back. I am having my life back. It is time to rebuild, just like the $6 Million Dollar Man. This new life will commence NOW. Cancer you ain’t got nothin’ on my man or on me! (black woman head wag goin’ on) And that is definitive! Damn the pneumonia! I am declaring that we have won. And the universe says 'yes.' And so it is. Amen.

Break out the bottles of champagne, folks and come on by for a visit. We are on the mend.

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  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Hi Guys! We're grateful, and celebrating with you. It's making me very happy to think of you at home, mending. Lots of love, Chuck.