Monday, February 05, 2007

A Call for Help....Again

Once again, I find myself stepping into the uncomfortable zone. To ask for a meal, rides and play dates for the kids in one thing, but to ask someone to run an errand for us makes me uncomfortable (even after all this time). Merely admitting that I’m in over my head forces me to face the truth: I am ill equipped to handle the rigors of normal life. You can’t see it, like a cancer, and that’s what makes it hard for me to accept. That fact makes me squirm. I mean, come on, stress is for other people, not me…darn it.

Here is a list of items that I need taken care of. Returns and projects around the house have all fallen to the way side (again) in the last two weeks. I am living in the apartment with Art and staying by his side as much as I can. So…I wave the white flag and implore you to help. I am slightly embarrassed by this list. In a way, it’s a glimpse into our personal lives and I am asking for assistance with things that I would do in a moment if it wasn’t for the gargantuan monster called cancer. In a way, maybe this could be a lesson for all of us. Asking for help is the hardest thing to do, but is one of the most rewarding. Contrary to that little voice that says “Who’s gonna take time out from their busy day to help you?” I am awed at how many people step forward. In fact, I think all of us would be humbled to see how many lives we have touched. It is far greater than you think, trust me.

NOTE: Please call Cicely Flemming at (310) 231-0257 if you can help with anything on this list. DO NOT CALL ME! I can’t get anything done, let alone remember who will do it for me! Thank You.

Airport Rides Tuesday late morning and early afternoon.

  • Drop off my friend Jennifer who has been staying with the kids, at LAX. Her flight leaves at 11:20 am
    Pick up my mother who will be staying with the kids, from Long Beach. Her flight gets in at 2:43
  • Post Office run
  • Returns
    Neiman Marcus
    Nordstrom Rack
  • Lunch boxes for Ezra and Langston
  • Aaron vet visit
  • Wills for Art and I
  • Craig’s list --- a table and trunk
  • Handyman
    Hang lights
    Hang glass shelf
    Hang light above kid’s bed
  • Picture of long trunk for appraisal ( because I need the darn thing out of my house!)
  • Costco shopper (on-call)
  • Buy battery for home phone (Radio Shack?)

I am grateful that I get to say this alot. Thank You

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