Monday, March 12, 2007

At This Moment

A friend of Art’s drove him to Cedars and back today. I have gone no where all morning. I watched a bit of the Secret. I ate only when I was hungry. I did not once berate myself for the messy house, or the pants that no longer fit. I am looking forward to a call from a friend who said for this week she will help me the kids. I talked to someone about hiring their nanny. I successfully pushed the concern about money out of my head. For the moment, I am leaving the routine rigidity of stress behind me. (Thank you Rana for that insight!)

Art sleeps now listening to one of the over TWENTY FIVE cd/songs he received for his birthday. I can hear the music coming from his laptop in our bedroom. It’s warm today and sunny and … hopeful. I am steeped in gratitude for this experience, for the music that puts him at ease, for all of you who read my words, for the support whose breadth is too wide to measure. I am enormously thankfull for Art’s life and for mine.

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