Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 9 - Jan 11

These are journal entries from the beginning of our odessy. I will spend the next few entries catching up to where we are now.

January 9th

Sung to the Jefferson’s Show theme music.
Moving on up
To the South Tower.
To that deluxe room without alaaarrrrmmmms.

See ya ICU! Onto a normal hospital room! No more beeping, no more alarms when someone on a ventilating machine doesn’t breath. No more intense care…although those nurses on that floor ROCK.
He is moving to a room where friends can visit and more importantly the kids! It also means he is one step closer to Getting Home!

January 10, 2009
Took the kids to see Art, today. The conversation went like this.

Me: We are going to see daddy, today. Since he has been sick, he will look a little bit different. He’s lost some weight and he will have a nasal cannula in his noise to help him breath better.

Langston: OK (typically understated like his father). When are we going? And do I have time to go down to Mo’s and play?

Pallas: Oh, I want to do my presentation for him.

Ezra: Will he have hair?

Me (laughing): laughing. Ya.

Ezra: Well Ok, then I can go.

Me (understanding): You didn’t like it when daddy had cancer.

Ezra: I just like him better with care. If he has hair, then I can go see him.


January 11, 2009

Do not joy ride hospital beds. The emotional cost is not worth it.

He began the day on a regular hospital floor. Then they moved him to a closer to the nurse’s station. It’s a gesture whose meaning is “we are concerned.” Before the day was out, he was back in medical ICU.

He is still having trouble breathing. All cultures keeping coming back negative. It’s as if with each negative test he needs more oxygen.

Problem…he’s maxed out and still his saturation level is only 92%.

If it’s not cancer then

what the hell is it?

Flat floors does not equal flat emotional rides. Too bad.

Back in the ICU with its beeping, its noise it’s sick people needing care.

Art is among them and


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