Friday, January 23, 2009

January 8, 2009

These are journal entries from the beginning of our odessy. I will spend the next few entries catching up to where we are now.
It’s not cancer!!!

64 Thousand Hallelujahs

The biopsy doctor came up today and told us, preliminary results show the nodes are not cancer! He did caution that for full results we will have to wait for the pathology report due on Monday but said that 99% of the time the preliminary results are the same as the pathology report.

Art is more skeptical, (could it be because he is still having so much trouble breathing) as he is taking clues from our pulmonologist whose person proverb is:

“Be cautios of happy doctors who deliver really good news without a full report.”
The stress of this adventure sits firmly on my right clavicle and deltoid muscle. The back of my eyes hurt.

I am grateful. It's not cancer.

And now, with the embolisms shrinking and after the cancer free news, I want to know what the hell is making it so hard for Art to breathe!

A Helpful Hand Tip

Once a week place a phone call to the person in crisis and let them know you are thinking about them.

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  1. Thirty-some-odd years ago a woman taught me this:
    Cup a cup of hot tea in your hands for several moments,
    until you can no longer feel the heat;
    then take your thumbs
    and place them softly
    on the closed eyelids of another,
    while you hold your fingers on the sides of their face.
    Slowly press down more firmly,
    as the other person relaxes....

    Here's an eye rub,
    for your hurting eyes.

    (i'm glad it's not cancer!)