Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February 3, 2009

Art starts chemo again tomorrow.  

His ab. poly numbers are not quite ready for it.  But well, no one can afford to let the cancer begin to grow again.  It will, if they don't start again soon.

I have no baseline.  We have no baseline.

What is normal?  

I feel like I’m floating out at sea.  Only in this sea, sometimes the water supports me, sometimes not.  No rhyme or reason, no timing, no systems.

No “Just do blankity, blank!”

There is no "just do"


It is an uncomfortable place to be. 

Make us laugh!

It’s like laughter brings us back to base again.

Send a funny joke, a good funny movie or book title suggestion (or send the book).  

God I'm so, so tired.  


My sister leaves tomorrow. Tonight we cried in each others arms. SHE is what I need to stay afloat.  For the first time in my adult life, I really do wish we lived near family. It's not about easier, it's about the fierceness of the love.  


  1. Kim, I am so sorry to hear that the cancer is back, that you all are re-experiencing something no one should have to experience once. I know you all are trying to be strong. Keep it up. I'm thinking about you all. I wish I could help. Tell Art I love him. I love you all.

  2. Kim, keep up the amazing blogging! When I was visiting w/ Art a few weeks back, he told me with great pride that he once put a meter on your blog to catch the number of visitors and that some crazy number of hits came back from all over the world. In addition to helping all of us who are close to you and Art, as the numbers attest, your blog has become mandatory reading for other cancer patients and their families. I just emailed the Inman cousins to remind them that your blog is up and running again. How did you guys like Cannery Row? I still giggle when I remember the scene with the frogs. Tell Art that when he gets through this next chemo adventure, we'll be waiting for him on the other side with Uncle Joe, Aunt Joann, a cribbage board and a liter of Moxie!

  3. prsuming i did it correctly,
    i just sent you a very funny video
    on FB.
    Hope you enjoy.
    feel free to share with Art.