Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 4, 2009

Self Portrait
9:42 pm, March 4, 2009

I am at peace.
The anger has gone.
The well is showing of signs of dampness.
I feel like I am writing backwards.
I will post more tomorrow about how I got here.
Art is doing better. I can hear his sleep breathing, the fatigue loosening it's grip on him.
I am doing better. I can think.
For the first time in 8 weeks, I feel like it's gonna be OK. Like maybe, just maybe this is a journey worth taking.


  1. My dear Kim,

    Thank you for your courage, your candor, your strength, your heart. I am sending you, Art and the kids A HUGE HUG, lots of love, and many blessings. Please know that you are held.
    With great love,
    Wendy Silvers

  2. i love the naked, skeletal feel of this foto.
    who have carved away at edifice this whole blog long,
    revealing yourself with
    bumps and lumps,
    and fears and tears,
    hope and crushed optimism,
    offer us a self-portrait
    that alomst gives the lie
    to everything you write below it.
    The fear and uncertainty of this path,
    it is so great,
    so overwhelming,
    we are always wondering
    just howe much more
    any of you can take -
    because it is we who will
    one day
    be taking this same journey
    among OUR loved ones....

    Last night i was at a
    Pablo Neruda poetry reading;
    one of the elder writers,
    Holly Prado,
    has also written deeply,
    and i just found this quote about her work:

    "the gypsy daughter
    who eventually learns how
    to stop looking for meaning
    in loss
    and turns instead to
    the meaning in what is left us."

    that is where,
    we each
    will be....