Monday, July 06, 2009

July 5, 2009

From Sunday, July 5th

We had cupcakes for dinner.

After Ezra said,

“Mom, next time you kick us out of the house, can you tell us where to go.”

After I explained that I was running on empty since Saturday morning and should have told them.

After I seeped guilt.

After I called Langston and told him to come get his butt up to the house and get his siblings becuase

“In a crisis I expect all of you to take care of each other.
Being kicked out of the house is a crisis!”

After Pallas and Ezra came back.

After I oozed with righteous anger.

After I screamed

“That’s it! Leave the house.”
And meant it.
Before I realized I had nothing to offer them.

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