Thursday, August 06, 2009

OMG Tuesday Tip #23

OMG Tuesday Tip #

Send Them A Gift Certificate

This is a great gift is you don't live near the person in crisis.

Buy them a gift certificates to: the moviesthe grocery storethe spaa pedicure/manicure placethe mallthe bookstorea restaurantgas stationa favorite museuma theme park Giving a gift certificate allows the person to escape or to relieve some of the financial burden they may be under.

The OMG (oh my God) I Need to Help Tuesday Tip © 2009

Every Tuesday (or in this case Thursday) I post a tip on how you can help someone you love in crisis. These tips were partially derived from the amazing community that my husband, Art, and I leaned on during his two bouts with cancer. He lost his battle in April 2009 and this amazing community continues to support me and our three children.

May you be part of a strong community for your friend. You do make all the differenc in the world for them.

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