Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Nagle Memorial Run

The Art Nagle 5K Memorial Run is in November! Come run, walk/run or walk the 3.1 miles. Support the Talbert Family Foundation who supported us. Your entry fee is all they need to keep giving directly to families who are dealing with a double whammy...a major health catastrophes AND financial struggles. You CAN make a difference. You did for us.

I want to reiterate. This is a 3.1 mile race. You don't have to be a runner to participate! Walk it with some friends. It'll take 45 minutes and you'll feel great. Art loved this race, loved this organziation and boy did he love to run.


  1. Martha8:19 PM

    Kim-- A family member has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer- she had surgery today and faces months of Chemo and Radiation- while the prognosis is positive she and her family face months of financial worries- can you tell me how you connected with the Talbert foundation or other similar foundations so that I can share the information with my niece. Any insight would be great, and prayers as well. All my love and support - we can connect on facebook if it is easier.

    Martha Aylin

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Funny how Kim's peaceful posts engender fewer comments than the rageful ones. Why is that? Seems to me that serenity is as deep, complex and fleeting as hurt and anger.
    As for the mama bear analogy, I am Kim's mama bear. I will unsheathe my claws and unleash my vitriol on anyone who attacks, in word or deed, my oldest daughter. She has received a one-two punch to the head and gut and she's reeling - back off!

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

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