Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009 Dinner is Served!

I have successfully put dinner on the table for TWO WEEKS straight! Granted they came from bags and boxes, except for tonight when I made pesto. Granted they contained vegetables least twice. Granted Ezra could have cooked it himself had he been allowed to work the stove and if he could tackle words like "microwave" and "combine."

BUT I put dinner on the table! I didn't panic when 5:00 rolled around. I breathed, opened both freezers and found items that could be cooked in 30 minutes. One time, I even defrosted something the NIGHT BEFORE!

I danced in the kitchen on nights 10, 11, 12, and 13 to the music of "I Can Take Care of Us All By Myself (almost)" On night 14, I opened a bottle of wine and did the happy-ya-for-me-triumph jig without spilling a drop. He danced and laughed with me. He knew I could do all this. He's glad that I now know too.


  1. You deserve a salute for getting two weeks of dinners on the table. In my six years of widowhood, I've never managed that! You're serving as an inspiration to me to try and accomplish your feat! I especially like the wine and triumph jig part! I'll be sure to include that in my goal too!

  2. We ate nothing but Trader Joe's for the first year after Gavin died. Glad you are rocking the microwave!