Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009 My Truth

I had a drink tonight with someone who reminded me to speak my truth.

The truth is today was another day.

The truth is the 8 month anniversary is nothing but a date.

The truth is I once stopped counting days. I will now stop counting months.

The truth is he was an amazing man.

The truth is he loved me more than he loved life.

The truth is I am crying with gratitude and awe.

The truth is my life is marvelous and hard and shitty and sad and frustrating and obnoxious and disappointing and humorous and stupid and gay and fun and exciting and new and adventurous.

The truth is... his death was his greatest gift to me


without it

I may never

have discovered


joy and suffering do indeed go together.

Peace, love.


  1. Hi, I googled today for art and healing and your blog was the one to come up. I'm sorry for your loss. Your post was very beautiful and heartfelt. A wise woman named Angeles Arrien once posed the question to a group of us in a workshop "What sorrow brought you to this sacred place?". I really felt the "truth" of that in your post.

  2. Hello - I googled for Art and Healing and your post came up. I'm sorry for your have such a beautiful family. I was very touched by your blog - my father passed when I was 8 leaving my mom with 4 small kids..when I read your story about having to leave your daughter at home sick and feeling terrible it reminded me of when my mother forgot to take my little brother to kindergarden...(he started later than us) and didn't realize it until she picked us up from school. PANIC. You can imagine how horrible she felt. When we got home he was all dressed and waiting on the stairs. :( Just so you know...we all knew it was no reflection on how much she loved us. One day at a time. One day at a time.