Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009 F.E.A.R.


False Evidence Appear Real

Fuck Everything And Run

Last night, FEAR came and sat by me. It said "Ya know. You can't do this all."


"You are gonna fuck up and forget something major."


"You are not organized enough."


"No one cares about you. No one has time for you."


"By the way....did I tell you you look fat and you can't write?"

Last night, I beleived F.E.A.R.

My shoulders knotted.

I felt shrunken, invisible, inept and hopeless.

So I

FEAWTB (Fucked Everthing And Went To Bed)

Fear can only lie next to me till I fall asleep.


Next to me in bed, in place of FEAR, were Pallas and Ezra.

Snoring away. FEAR no where to be seen.

I got out of bed, looked at my list and.....

LAUGHED! (You were wrong fear)


Shook my head (Silly girl, you know FEAR lies)


Sighed (Functioning without him leads me farther and farther from him.)


Laughed again.

I think I'm gonna call a friend to see if they want to have a spot of tea and a muffin because

I'm NOT fat and

I CAN write!

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