Monday, February 12, 2007

Experienced Platelet Donors Needed

Art will be in need of platelets starting tomorrow and most likely on again and off again for the next few weeks at least. Giving platelets is more intense than giving blood, requiring close to two hours of being in a chair. Because of this, we are looking for donors who have given platelets before. Your blood type is NOT important.

If you have given before or you think you can hang out in a chair for two hours continuously squeezing a little ball, please call Karen Sacks at 310-202-6151.

And THANK YOU to all the O+ (-) people who donated. We used the first batch of blood two days ago and will use more probably on Wednesday. What a cool thought it is for me to think about the blood of people who love him, giving him life. I know, corny but it's true, your life will at some point be surging through his veins. Thank you is clearly not enough.

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