Friday, February 02, 2007

Immediate Needs

Having the proverbial door slammed in our proverbial face has left me proverially pissed off. However, my anger never got anthing done, other than cause huge knots in my shoulders, so here I am asking for help...fucking again.

Our immediate needs are:

1. Someone to drive my sister-in-law to LGB Airport tomorrow, Saturday. Pick up time 7:00 am (6:45 if you are one of those late people like me)

2. If you have O+ or O- blood, I ask that you get on Art's donor list. He will be needing blood most likely by the beginning of next week. It is very helpful to be able to call people directly and ask them to donate. Please contact Karen Sachs at 310-202-6151. For the rest of you all, Art's school will be hosting a blood drive next week or you can come to Cedar Sinai and donate platelets (no matter your blood type) becuase Art will need that too. Details to follow.

3. Can't do these two things. Do not fret! There is a bigger list coming, but first I need to get out of my own proverbial way.

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