Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving Forward?

Saw Dr.Wolin today. He confirmed, in person, what he said last night. As far as he can see, the cancer is gone. No noise makers were present. But he did smile and was again cautiously optimistic. Optimism is a good thing, even in small doses.

It doesn’t seem quite real, Art is still very weak. In my mind, when we finally got the good news, I expected Art to stand up, arms raised, face lifted to the ceiling and shout “Praise the Lord, I am healed!” then turn on his heals and jog out like the man he was in July 2006. Instead, we moved through today in a daze, staring at each other often, listening to the cries of “Wonderful!” and “Fantastic!” from our friends as if we were bystanders. We are trying hard to figure out a way to make this feel real. I'm assuming it will replace the worry little by little.

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  1. We are moving forward with you one baby step at a time. You are both weak and we hold you effortlessly while you find your strength. Lean on us. We need to feel your weight to give us strength to carry you on.love and peace Cathy