Friday, February 02, 2007

No Ride Needed -- More Blood

Good tears are a great thing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to switch from bitter, angry tears to happy, thankful ones.

After my post, Karen's phone was swamped with calls regarding donating blood. I recieved 20 emails and 9 phone messages with in 45 mintues of posting. All of them offering rides. Barbara has the opportunity to ride back and forth to Long Beach, all day, if she so chooses to.

Political candidates wish they had our network of help!

P.S. More on blood donation in a moment.

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM


    Will you need blood in about two weeks. We hit a February break, and I would be more than willing to make the trip down to help. I am an O+. All I require is to visit the big guy and a spot on the floor to sleep. Let me know via e-mail or phone if my blood is needed then, and I will appear. Please keep updating your blog. Both of you are in our thoughts.