Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 18, 2009 Part II

Birthday Bash Black and White Photos
February 18, 2009


Art with his new crutches
Art, Pallas in the background
Pallas helps Art with his present
Pallas and Eryn


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Happy Birthday, Art! Great to see you sitting up and smiling!
    ginnae, Nick, Bud & Lou

  2. Happy Birthday back to the boys!!!

  3. Kim, I love you and your transparency. I know you've heard it all before. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's received with indifference, sometimes it angers...but I wll tell you anyway on the off chance that it may catch you when it may help. If not, please come back and digest it when it will...

    I am so very sincerely sorry for what you and your family is going thru. I, like you, am married to my best friend and cannot imagine going thru what you are with such healthy emotions being let loose when needed...but still does not feel like enough...

    The closest I've been to this is when my Mom had cancer, beat the odds when the doc pulled a tumor the size of a grapefruit out of her colon that had been there for some time..unbeknownst to her. God gave grace and it did NOT spread to the liver and other vital organs....not thanks to her and lack of health care to herself. It made me mad that she would allow herself to get so sick...

    They called her the "miracle lady" as she was literally walking around the hospital corridors the next morning after surgery...we were told she would not make it thru surgery at her age and the size of the malignant tumor...they had no explanation of why she was up and walking around healthy..but I knew why...

    Mom went home, I went back to NC to carry on with life. Mom continued to exist instead of live life...what a waste of time. Though I must say, we had the best long "best friend" talks on the phone the last 5 years of her life on earth....

    Oh, what took her life? Well, a little unknown enemy lurking to kill whom it may's name was "stroke." ...undetected, quiet, canny, sneaky "stroke"....and when he came out, he roared...oh, so loud!

    My Mom had no idea really what hit her, but it smacked her so long, it left the right side of her body lopsided. I've heard of the saying, "I'm gonna smack you silly"...well that's what stroke did, but it wasn't one was laughing....but stroke.

    The last days of her life, the woman that talked my ears off telling me the do's and don'ts of life was silent. But I knew she was screaming in the inside....for a strong willed woman like her (and me), how very frustrating it must have been to be her. That didn't stop me from being angry with her for not being on the look out for stroke before he came...

    ...She was suppose to be smarter than that. My Mom was one of the wisest people I knew...

    She let stroke win and left this earth 7 years ago now. You asked a question in one of your posts with lots of dates about "what's te deal with all the 7's"'s the number of completion...

    Thru it all, I knew what you have now figured out as well...we are not in control of the most important things in our lives that really matter...God is. I don't dare pretend to know why He allows the things He does, but once I relinquished all rights of "knowing it all" and asking Him to show me "things"...He did...and what He showed me gave me a peace that surpasses ALL human just simply is what it is.... got me thru one day at a time...and thru other losses in my life as well...another story...not now.

    Kim, when I say I love you, it doesn't even suggest that I even know you, just that my heart is full for you and your circumstance and will be on my knees interceding on your and your family's name.

    I don't expect a response because I know your emotions are all over the place right now...and rightfully so. Perhaps in time you'll contact me....perhaps not. Either way, it won't stop me for praying for you and your family...not in a religious way....but just talk to Him about you to know...a relationship with Him. Religions suck! Relationship is awesome...

    If you ever want a non-judging, detached ear to vent, feel free to call:910 864 7494 (it's bus. and home office). Or

    Thinking of You,

    Donna Toms Doss-Spicer