Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 25, 2009

The plan is two more rounds of chemo, then a stem cell transplant. The transplanted stem cells will come from a donor. www.marrow.org (become a donor and SAVE SOMEONE LIFE!!!!!)

Two more rounds.

Two more stupid rounds of those stupid drugs that alternatively save his life and kill him.

Round 1 (of 2) starts again tomorrow. Then 21 days later, again, on March 19, we go again.

There's a whole lot of love and stuff in those 21 days!

Retuxin (yes I know about the dangers of this drug. Do NOT email me with an article. We have made our decision. Thank you.)

R.I.C.E for short.

Y.F.K.M (Your Fucking Kidding Me!) for long


He took FOUR steps without his crutches today! It is the small damn things, isn't it!

I have decided to write him a love note every day.


Oh, sweetheart.

I could strangle you for your BIG mistake that I discovered yesterday. But instead I think I will be grateful for the way you laughed at my joke, the one about the hippo. Cause I don't think you thought it was funny. And the fatigue was in, on, around you and still you laughed, nodding off to the desperate sleep saying "I love it when you smile." Smile being slurred, ending with a grin.

My love is in, on, around you, every friggin' day.

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