Thursday, February 05, 2009

February 5

The doctor said Art can come home next week!

Art weighs 169 lbs. down from 215.

He can walk no more than 20 feet.

He will need o2 to breath.

He will need help getting out of our oh so modern, oh so low bed.

He will need help getting from anywhere to anywhere in the house.

But he will be home.

He will be sick in his own bed.

He will fill our bed with that forgotten familiar Art-chemo smell.

He will leave his hair on his own pillowcase every morning until he is ready to shave it off.

I will change that pillow case every morning.

I will help him up and walk with him to wherever he wants to go.

I will empty the urinals.

He will be home, he will be home, he will be home and that is


where he needs to be!

Tip #105

Send the kids a care package full of random fun silly stuff!

(Thank you to whomever lives in Abingdon, MD for the most excellent kid care package! It was fantastic! The note was lost among all the most excellent wrapping paper!)

© 2009 Kim Hamer

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  1. Kim,
    We have not met, although my son knows Art from school, and knows your children through Prime Time Camp, and I know cancer. My heart is heavy with the process and hopeful for health on the horizon. Your words here touch anyone who reads them in the deepest sense of humanity. I carry you and your family with me all day. Everyday.