Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

A room at the cancer center.
Art sleeps, Mystery Man pretends to look busy.

A refreshing day! A real, like in normalish!
Forgot I wasn't having breakfast with a friend.

Got lost driving to Chinatown for some Dim Sum.

Mystery Man from Maine (an old co-worker of Art's) made us laugh often and very, very hard.

I considered why the hell I write this blog. It's purpose. What to do next.

Shared my views on religion

Conversed on subjects like female friendships vs. male friendships, ethnic cultural differences.

Watched Zohan with Art and cracked up at the stupid humor.

Held my ground regarding dinner "What is on the table is what is for dinner." PERIOD

Showed my daughter how to release her rage. She crushed, kicked, pummeled an emply plastic jug. Cathartic for her, for me and not so great for the plastic jug.

Helped my oldest with his paper.

An average every normal day. I only thought of Art's cancer (and everything it encompasses in our lives) like 10 million times, instead of 100 billion.
Helping Hands Tip
Buy a gift certificate to the movies.
And remember, just becuase you haven't "done" anything yet, doesn't mean you can't. It is never too late if you love them and want to help. NEVER
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