Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January 4, 2009

Art started chemo again today.

Langston's cello teacher came and played while the Retuxin (a chemo drug) flowed into his body.

Art's parents arrived (from Maine) just in time for the mini concert.

Afterward every one left, we watched part of Bringing Up Baby with Katherine Heprin and Cary Grant and laughed.

Before I left, we both cried.  He, beginning to feel the effects of the chemo, like he's in some weird avant guarde fish bowl, knowing where he's going and not wanting to go there.  Me feeling that horrible helpless feeling, unable to sooth him completely or remove his misery and knowing all I can do it wait for him to return. 

On the drive home, I go through what I now call Wailing Way.  It’s the section on Robertson Blvd between Wilshire and Picco where I seem to consistently lose it. 

I pass Baskin Robbins on the left, where I get distracted by thoughts of a single scoop of Oreo Cookie ice cream on a sugar cone.  I crest the hill and head into either Impatient Impasse, where I take my anger and frustration out on slow and/or inattentive drivers, Resignation Road, where I remember this is our life.  We can deal with it and where I become one of those slow drivers I hate.   Or Gratitude Way where I again burst into tears for all the love for the people we have in our lives who continue to support us, for who we are, despite our worst traits

If you live in LA, it’s probably best not to be on Robertson Blvd between 6 and 7 pm.  


  1. Kim -
    Thanks for sharing this. It is a great way of finding out details without you having to repeat that same thing a million times. Know i think of you guys and that you always have an escape around the corner...Love to All - Laura

  2. Holy CRAP!!! Kim - it has obviously been too long since I checked in with you guys. Do you think a visit would cheer Art up? Would it cheer you? Would the baby cheer you guys? What can I do? When/how did this happen? I'm sure you ask these questions constantly. Last I heard Art had joined MySpace and we were friends. Now he's back in the hospital! KIM!!! This is crazy. Please let me know if we can visit. Or cook for you. Or take the kids. Or whatever.

  3. Kim, you have more strength than I can imagine. Cry when you need to - reach out to your far flung Sigma sisters when you need to vent or cyber cry- we are all praying for you and Art.

    and btw, how COOL that the cello teacher came and played!!