Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009 sex

This is the last place I looked for Art.
Even now I can see him there, with his arms behind his head.
My journal and a cup of tea where the only things in that moment that kept me...

Eating lobster is a summer tradition for the Nagle family. Handing Granpa the live lobster to Grandpa is a rite of passage.

Art's headstone
Seeing his death date slammed into the stone
nothing can describe it.

This is the man who.... turned this coffee (yes thats egga and coffee ground) into good camp coffee. Thank you Hal, for inspiring me to take my first sip of coffee in over 24 years.

The Nagle, Hamer-Nagle and Stewert Cousins

Our new family

on the steps of the family camp that Art knew intimately.

Houlton, ME

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  1. Hey Kim,

    Just read your posts about Maine and sex. My grandma puts egg shells in her coffee too. Says it cuts the bitterness.

    As for the sex blog, first of all I hope you find a good man, or maybe just a good in bed man. Second I gotta say you really just put shit out there, no fear. I aspire to that courage.

    Keep writing. beck