Thursday, March 05, 2009

March 4, 2009

Art is back in the hospital.

I knew it would happen, its just well....the 1:00 am phone call to 911 was not part of the plan. The call to a dear friend to come stay with the kids was not part of the plan. The passing out. Been there, done that. Was so not part of the plan!

Poor guy.

Massive indigestion for an hour.

Followed by vomiting.

Followed by fainting and waking up to the confusion of me, saying "Honey? Honey?"
There was no panic. I knew what needed to happen.

I was the premidonna on the phone.

"Um, is there any way they take him to Cedar Sinai?"

"Oh and please, no sirens. My children are asleep and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Thanks so much for coming! Um, could you turn your radio down, please."

And I wanted to say "Can you walk on your tip toes? My kids will surely notice the clunking of your heavy boots." And "Fellows, please. Let's keep it at a whisper." (Ever notice, men don't whisper!)
They couldn't take us to Cedars, however, after they checked him out, they did offer to put him in the car for me.

The 10 (major freeway route in LA) is delightful at 2 am.

The ER room was even delightful. No gun shot wounds, heart aches or fall out from bar fights.

At 4 am the tested him.

Lying down. Blood pressure 98/60
Sitting up Blood pressure 90/60
Standing Blood pressure never gotten cuase he started to pass out again.

Congratulations honey! You get to to stay!

And for a parting gift, you Kim Hamer get this lovely bag with "Patient Belongings" written on it. Your absolute favorite!

What it should say is:

Person carrying this bag is not stable.
Their loved one has just been admitted to the hospital.
To add to their anguish, we have inserted this little string, masquarading as a handle,
that will dig into their hand when they pick up the bag. Giving them phsyical discomfort to go along with their emotional comfort.

Please stand back at least 20 feet.

Another day in our lives. This one with humor, a touch of saddness and whole lot of resignation. This is our life but it is a life. I am grateful.


  1. thank you kim for sharing it all, my heart is aching and i choose to send you all love and light and healing and strength and better bags oxodanna

  2. Hi Kim; I find irony that this blog is called "Healing Art". I have learned a lot from reading it. Laughed and cried and some anger has surfaced, as well. All of you need healing, perhaps it should be called "Healing Art, Kim and Their Beautiful Children"? I have not met Art and I have not seen you since high school. But he must be some awesome special guy to have such a beautiful partner in life. I wish you both continued strength and time together. Keep your chin up. Hugs to you and your husband, Art and your children. I am in MB and please call if I may be of assistance. xo, Dennis

  3. Hey Kim, it's 2:28 AM EST and I just updated myself on your blog. I'm sorry I missed the date that you requested and needed comments on an earlier date. I am touched to the core that you are glad I am on my knees for you and your family...know that I truly am. He knows your name and loves you. Period. No conditions. He just does.

    I have no other words to share at this time that really fits the knot in my stomache, so I'll leave well enough alone for now...and tell you I love you. Oh, by the way, the blog to you about my Mom's stroke should have read that the stinkin' (blurp!) smacked her so "hard" that it left her lopsided...not "long." Mind always tends to run faster than the fingers.

    Your precious children don't know me, but tell them a little lady in NC has a huge spot in her heart for them...a lady that they will probably never meet. Isn't it funny how real love that expects nothing back in return...just giving of self to benefit someone else. In this case, just asking God to reach down and get each of you thru this and somehow make each of you a better "you" because of it.

    God has taught me how to do this...correction....He has taught me how to move aside so He can do this thru me for you...

    God's Peace be Yours...


  4. Kim, thanks so much for sharing so much on your blog. It's really hard for me to read because I don't want to cry. I don't want to cry because I don't want to admit how terrified I am for you and Art and the kids (but I'm crying now and it's not half bad :) The idea of losing Art is beyond comprehension. What you and the kids are going through is also beyond my comprehension. It breaks my heart in a way that I didn't know was possible. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am sorry for not being more supportive. As your sister I feel like I should be doing more, much more. I love you.

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Clearly another business opportunity is presenting itself: patient belonging bags! Of course, this needs to be accomplished in your "spare" time.
    Love your humor; I'm always crying and laughing at the same time when reading your blog. The laughter masking the anguish I feel for you, Art and the kids.